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If you want a refound. Fill in the form below and we will return to you within 24 hours,


  • Started tickets are not redeemed (round trip where one or more trips have been used).
  • Unused tickets purchased on board the bus, at a dealer or in a vending machine are redeemed within the validity period for an administrative fee of 20% of the ticket price.
  • Unused tickets purchased on the website will be redeemed within the validity period without administrative fee.
  • Wrongly purchased tickets (eg ticket to the wrong destination) will be redeemed within the validity period. If the ticket's validity period has passed when it arrives at Customer Service, it cannot be redeemed.

To request compensation

To request compensation, you need to send in all original receipts by post. This must be done no later than 2 months after the trip was completed. The boat buses do not replace food and drink.

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