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Travel conditions

All passengers travelling with Båtbussarna Ferry Transfers must be able to present a valid ticket while they are on the bus. You are personally responsible for ensuring that the information on the ticket matches the intended trip. If you cannot produce a valid ticket during a ticket inspection, an inspection fee of SEK 500 will be charged. This also applies if you are travelling at a discounted price but are not able to prove your right to the discount. Båtbussarna Ferry Transfers are entitled to check the validity of the ticket.


Tickets are valid for 3 months from the time of purchase. The ticket is not personal and can be used in any direction on a selected route. Return tickets are valid for one person.

Old Båtbussarna tickets without validity date are not valid on the bus. You cannot change these tickets to valid tickets.

Validation of tickets

Present a print-out of your ticket when boarding. You can also show your ticket on a tablet.

Travel time guarantee

If your bus is delayed by more than 20 minutes, or if it is reasonable to assume there will be a delay of more than 20 minutes from the times stated on the schedule, you are entitled to compensation for other transportation. One condition for compensation is that the transport or transports used were reasonable choices.

If you do not have time to purchase a bus ticket, you will be compensated for reasonable costs incurred for other transport minus a deduction for the cost corresponding to a one-way adult ticket.

If you do not request compensation for another transport in the event of a delay, you are entitled to a discount by:

  • 50 % of the ticket price if the delay amounts to more than 20 minutes
  • 75 % of the ticket price if the delay amounts to more than 40 minutes
  • 100 % of the ticket price if the delay amounts to more than 60 minutes

If it is not clear which price you paid for the trip, the price deduction shall be calculated based on the price of a one-way ticket, including discounts.

Requesting compensation

In order to request compensation, you must send in all the original receipts by regular mail. This must be done no later than 2 months after the trip has been completed. Båtbussarna does not offer compensation for food or drink.

Information during traffic disruptions

You are entitled to information about traffic disruptions by no later than at the bus departure or when the need arises.

Ticket refunds

Please use our contact form for ticket refunds. See which rules apply below.

Partially-used tickets are not refunded (return trip where one or several trips have been used).

Unused tickets purchased on the bus, from a retailer or in a ticket machine will be refunded within the period of validity for an administrative fee of 20% of the ticket price.

Unused tickets purchased on our website will be refunded within the period of validity at no charge.

Incorrectly purchased tickets (for example, tickets to the wrong destination) are refunded.

A ticket cannot be refunded if it has expired by the time it arrives at Customer Services.


Delicate luggage should be well protected. Since luggage space inside the coach is very limited, only one (1) small piece of hand luggage per traveller is allowed to be carried on the bus. The maximum measurement for luggage allowed inside the coach is 40x30x20 cm (this only applies to coaches with luggage space below). Bulky items such as surfboards, ski equipment and alike are permitted when space is available.

Bicycles are allowed on board at no charge when space permits (except for trips to/from Nynäshamn/Destination Gotland where bicycles are not allowed regardless of space available). The bicycle must be packed in protective wrapping.

Luggage location during trip

For security reasons, no luggage is to be placed in the central aisle of the coach or by any exits. You are responsible for your own luggage. This also applies when the luggage is located so you cannot keep it within your sight.

If you are travelling from the airport and intend to disembark at an intermediate stop, you may be asked to carry your luggage with you on the bus. For safety reasons, we avoid opening the lower luggage compartment on the bus at intermediary stops. You can always ask the host or driver which rules apply for your specific stop.

It is important to ensure that the right luggage is collected when leaving the coach. Lost, stolen or damaged luggage is only replaced if Båtbussarna has caused the damage or the loss through intent or gross negligence.

Your suitcase should withstand normal handling of luggage during bus travel. Båtbussarna do not compensate for scratches, stains, dirt or dents on bags since it is considered normal wear and tear of a bag.

For other matters, Båtbussarna refers the traveller to their private insurance company. Båtbussarna reserves the right to reject and deny luggage if special reasons exist.

Travel with children

Children of all ages are welcome to travel with Båtbussarna as long as they travel with an adult. All of our buses have booster seats for children older than 3 years. If you are traveling with a child younger than 3 years old you are always welcome to bring your own car seat for infants. All of our buses are equipped with three point seat belts which means the car seat can be properly fixed. You can also travel with your child in your lap but then only you should wear the seat belt.


Pets may be brought on board at no extra cost. Animals must be on a leash or in a cage. In deference to travellers with allergies, if you have fur-bearing pets, we ask that you sit towards the back of the bus.


Båtbussarna vehicles are not equipped with ramps or lifting devices and often have several stairs. If you can get on and off the bus by yourself, you can travel with us. Båtbussarna staff cannot help with lifting people in or out of the coaches, but they are happy to help you load a wheelchair with the rest of the luggage.


Båtbussarna offer free Wifi onboard the bus. No log-in is required and you can browse the Internet freely while travelling.


Our coaches are equipped with safety belts and use of them is required by law. We recommend you use the belt for your own safety and the safety of others. It is your responsibility in the event of police checks, it is the traveller who may suffer legal penalties.

Food and drink

It is permitted to bring and consume food and drink on the coach, but not drinks in paper cups without lids where there is a risk of spilling, nor hot, strong-smelling food which may cause inconvenience to fellow passengers. For everyone’s comfort, we kindly ask you to leave your seat in a satisfactory condition. Consumption of alcoholic drinks on board is prohibited.


Smoking is prohibited on board all Båtbussarna vehicles.